Communication Hacks

Chapter One (part one) 

​Good Communication is a  Powerful-Person-Only Sport. Communication exposes what is going on inside the human heart. 

Jesus said, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” 

If your heart, your internal reality, is governed by fear, then you are going to telegraph that through your body language, facial expressions, words, and tone. 

Conversely, if your heart is governed by faith, hope, and love, you will release this reality through what you say and how you say it. If your heart is governed by fear, then much of what you communicate is actually designed to hide what is really going on inside. You hold back, pretend something doesn’t hurt, or act happy when your heart is breaking in an attempt to avoid the pain that being “real” can inflict. 

It’s also possible that you (like many) were never taught how to interpret and translate the language of your thoughts, emotions, and desires into words, let alone communicate them to others. As a result, your internal reality has never been validated. Now ashamed and fearful—the results of not knowing how to communicate your feelings—you hide behind an acceptable social mask. 

The Fear of truth is the great hijacker of communication

When you don’t have either the courage or the ability to face the truth of what you feel, think, and need, you end up communicating confusing and inaccurate information—sometimes even downright falsehoods. 

Ask yourself these two questions

  1. If you never really learn to value and understand what’s going on inside you, how can you value and understand what is going on with another person? 
  2. If you don’t know yourself, how can you get to know another person—someone with a completely different experience and perspective—and value the truth of who they are? 

The answer to both questions is simple. You Can’t…


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