Powerful Relationships(1)

“powerful relationships are not always built as a result of powerful emotional ties but powerful commitments to love and be loved by the people involved” 


God’s Love: Undeserved (1)

we were in disobedience 

We were rebellious 

We cheated ourselves 

We were all about ourselves 

We were unloveable 

We were utterly helpless 

We abandoned God

We desecrated His plans

We were dead in our sins

We violated His decrees 

We were of no use to Him

We were utterly useless 

We were buried in our weaknesses 

We were totally empty beings 

We thought only of ourselves  

We were outcasts 

We had no good in us 

We were enemies of God 

We were addicted sinners, ugly to the core

We were the deprived 

We pushed Him away 

We rejected Him 

We didn’t have life for we were dead – separated from our source 

We were ragged  in unrighteousness 

We had no place with Him

Jesus died for us! 

He took upon Himself our depravity and sins and shame and lack and weaknesses and took our place. 

He died in our stead! 

He didn’t wait for us to be perfect! 

He didn’t wait for us to get it all together! 

He selflessly sacrificed all for us! 

He didn’t for once consider our weaknesses and mistakes! 

And only Love could make way 

You gave your life in a beautiful exchange ” 
His love is higher than your failures 

His love is deeper than your sins

His love is wider than your mistakes 

His love is greater than your imperfections