Priorities in Relationships 

“Prioritize relationships 

above any form of disconnection” 


Spiritual Songs 

​There’s healing in this place 

There’s healing in this place 

His mighty power 

Wonder working Power 

Is moving in this place 

His mighty waters 

Wonder working waters 

Is flooding this place 

Encounters of Love (pt 1)

It’s a journey of heaven kissing the earth! 
A journey that began in eternities in a realm that supercedes our world,  long before time was ever created experienced in the confines of the hearts of men. Mankind has never known what kind of love was unfolding, he has never known what love truly means, he has never interpreted what love was accurately, he has never understood love. 

Until  God revealed himself in Christ Jesus, the revelation of His love was made plain.  God revealed the Son in the light of revealing Himself to mankind, Jesus Christ brought the revelation of the Father and behold our imagination and perspectives on love was redefined because the Father is Love Himself. God is love – – not as an attribute! God is love – – His personality, that’s who He is. God is Love Personified! 

My personal encounters of love started in small corner of a cafeteria in Mellanby hall, University of Ibadan. It was a faithful night, I was just out there to fellowship with the Father. Just fellowshipping and it hits me hard like a meteorite fiercely crushing into the earth crust creating paths of  archeological excavation for exploring the artifacts of His love, the walls around my heart were broken-down and shattered and its veil torn apart, its shell cracked open! My heart was bubbling and it’s rippling effects like melting chocolates. 

His love spring up in my heart like the finest and purest water! It hits me hard like a missile that shattered and brought down strongholds in my heart. Words are not enough to communicate and explain what I felt that night, I was enveloped in something bigger than me like I was in the depth of the ocean, then it occurred to me that God loves me – – it was a knowing on my inside. It hits me so much the reality of the love of God popped open before me – I came face to face with the reality of his love for me. I was too sure He loves me, my whole being was surged up in his love and I began to realize what his love meant for me. 

And this is his love revealed – – that He sent is only begotten Son for me– for me! In that experience, I realized He did everything for me from start to finish. I could barely hold-up myself, whether I was in the spirit or in the body, I can’t tell, then I lifted my voice to sing a love song in the reality of his love for me. 

“Yes Jesus loves me

Yes Jesus loves me

For I now verily know”

Not because the Bible tells me any longer… It has now become a working knowledge – revelation! 

There was a shift in my heart that night like the shifted tectonic plate of the earth when it quakes, the molten magma of his love erupted from my heart fiercely. 

He loves me fiercely– oh what a great love. He’s not going to stop at anything to show that He loves me. Nothing could stop His love for me– My sins, shortcomings and imperfections were no where to be found in the face of His love – – everything was perfect! In his love everything is perfect – – I’m perfect in his love!

His love was more real than my face. That experience was so real – – I knew I was never the same again– I knew something about me changed forever that night – – I knew something in the depths of my spirit, soul and body shifted – – I’ve never been the same again. 

Little did I know it was an invitation into deeper waters of His love. Stay tuned! This is just the beginning. 

Christmas Poem 

​*Christmas Poem 

True love has come down 


Love came down for us 

In the frail of our fragility 

In the pool of our failures

In the servitude of our enslaved bodies 

In the feebleness of the powers that held us bound 

In the sacrilegious tempest of our weary souls 

In the lonely path of our strayed hearts 

Love came down for us 

Illuminated our darkness 

Purified our contaminated hearts

Bore our sin and diseases 

Died our deaths 

Paid the full price of our redemption 

Silenced every voice of our condemnation

Freely justified our cause 

Tore the veil of our blindness 

Triumphed over the devil and his cohorts 

Risen from death to live 

Reigning forever 

Our soon coming King 

Jesus Christ! 

Powerful Relationships (3)

​In relationships, meeting needs is a collective responsibility as much as it’s an individual responsibility. We both have needs and desires that are usually different due to our backgrounds and upbringing, experiences and life expectations. Needs are at different levels and classes but are by nature always demanding satisfaction! It comes in different form and fashion ranging from financial needs (usually everyone in the world can relate with this), psychological, physical, spiritual, mental to emotional needs etc the list goes on. Sufficient to know is the truth that we have the ability to meet the needs.. .  To be continued 

Spiritual Songs 

​Death couldn’t hold me down 

You have overcome

Sin couldn’t hold me bound 

You have overcome

Your light has shined upon me

Darkness can’t withhold


Your victory – – My Victory 

Your glory – – My glory 

Your Power – – My power 

Your nature – – My Nature 

Your love – – My love (2ce)
Death couldn’t hold me down 

You have overcome

Sin couldn’t hold me bound 

You have overcome

Your light has shined upon me

Darkness can’t withhold