Beneath Our Skin pt 2

Beneath our skin is the God-man 

A foreigner on earth and to the earthlife 

Operating in the soul of the new man 

With abilities and excellence that exceeds all

Full of God and of the God-kind, 

Beneath our skin is the inner man of heart

Who hails from the country Heaven,  

Heavenly he’s, Heavenly he was, Heavenly he’ll be 



My Father 

​My Father 

… The God of the New Creation 
… The Justifier of the Guilty 
… The Righteousness of the Sinners 
… The Sanctifier of the Ungodly 

    My Father 

…  The Light of the Dark Places 
…  The Surety of the Outcasts 
…. The Price of the Purchased Possession 
….  The Guarantor of the Deprived

      My Father 

…  The Victory of the Weak 
… The Help of the Helpless 
…  The Habitation of the Homeless 
…. The Voice of the Voiceless 

Beneath Our Skin pt 1

Beneath our skin

Is a new creation man, 

A man from above, 

That had never been seen

The hidden man of the heart. 

Within this frame, 

Is God fully represented in man,

In this earthly vessel, 

Is the greatest treasure of all, 

Where lies an inheritance

Which no man can inherit by works 

Nor by toiling all day and night