Encounters of Love (pt 2) 

​Defining moments in life are the encounters I’ve had with love, they’re the turning point to the full recognition of personality of God. Love has won my heart over, He has taken a hold on my heart and all I can offer is a total surrender to love. 

So my experience…  I was caught up with some rarest feelings of all,  for about a week my heart was entrenched in love for Him, I couldn’t resist the pull of his love towards me,  it’s  like gravity. It left me undone and every thing else loss it’s meaning to me.  Everything on the natural was just so off point to me, I realized the intangibility of the natural when heaven evades one’s heart. Eternity resides inside of me and I caught a glimpse of its activities and my appetite for this world became undone, I lost interest in the activities of this present world, I felt too good for this world. I’m forever changed by His love! His love is forever enough…  So I sought some like-minded friends and they told me to keep paying attention to what God was doing with me  during those times. 

And the word that perfectly described my experiences came (1 John 2:15-16) ” Do not love or cherish the world or the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him.For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh [craving for sensual gratification] and the lust of the eyes [greedy longings of the mind] and the pride of life [assurance in one’s own resources or in the stability of earthly things]–these do not come from the Father but are from the world [itself]”

Because God’s love resides in me, my love for this world is nothing… Don’t get me wrong not that I don’t have passion to bring out the God colors on the earth realm but his love consumed me up and capture my essence to display and re-present him to this world, to reflect his nature, personality,will, desires, ambitions and passion. 

When the love of the Father takes a hold of your heart, you’ll never be the same cos your heart will respond to his love andThen you’ll respond to his desires. 

Knowing the love of God diminishes the love of this world. 

”  Unreserved, unrestrained

Your love is wild

Your love is wild for me

It isn’t shy, it’s unashamed

Your love is proud

To be seen with me

You don’t give Your heart in pieces

You don’t hide Yourself to tease us

Uncontrolled, uncontained

Your love is a fire

Burning bright for me

It’s not just a spark

It’s not just a flame

Your love is a light

That all the world will see

All the world will see

You don’t give Your heart in pieces

You don’t hide Yourself to tease us

Your love’s not fractured

It’s not a troubled mind

It isn’t anxious

It’s not the restless kind

Your love’s not passive

It’s never disengaged

It’s always present

It hangs on every word we say

Love keeps its promises

It keep its word

It honors what’s sacred

‘Cause its vows are good

Your love’s not broken

It’s not insecure

Your love’s not selfish

Your love is pure

You don’t give Your heart in pieces

You don’t hide Yourself to tease us”

Feed on his love 

Stay on his love 

Embrace his love.