Beneath Our Skin pt 2

Beneath our skin is the God-man 

A foreigner on earth and to the earthlife 

Operating in the soul of the new man 

With abilities and excellence that exceeds all

Full of God and of the God-kind, 

Beneath our skin is the inner man of heart

Who hails from the country Heaven,  

Heavenly he’s, Heavenly he was, Heavenly he’ll be 



My Father 

​My Father 

… The God of the New Creation 
… The Justifier of the Guilty 
… The Righteousness of the Sinners 
… The Sanctifier of the Ungodly 

    My Father 

…  The Light of the Dark Places 
…  The Surety of the Outcasts 
…. The Price of the Purchased Possession 
….  The Guarantor of the Deprived

      My Father 

…  The Victory of the Weak 
… The Help of the Helpless 
…  The Habitation of the Homeless 
…. The Voice of the Voiceless 

Christmas Poem 

​*Christmas Poem 

True love has come down 


Love came down for us 

In the frail of our fragility 

In the pool of our failures

In the servitude of our enslaved bodies 

In the feebleness of the powers that held us bound 

In the sacrilegious tempest of our weary souls 

In the lonely path of our strayed hearts 

Love came down for us 

Illuminated our darkness 

Purified our contaminated hearts

Bore our sin and diseases 

Died our deaths 

Paid the full price of our redemption 

Silenced every voice of our condemnation

Freely justified our cause 

Tore the veil of our blindness 

Triumphed over the devil and his cohorts 

Risen from death to live 

Reigning forever 

Our soon coming King 

Jesus Christ!